Special label for wooden pallet identification

Special label for wooden pallet identification with proven performance inside wood

Confidex Pino™ is designed to enable cost-efficient and reliable tracking of wooden pallets, one of the main transit item platforms in use globally. This patent pending tag is also suitable for identifying similar wooden items from timber to finished structures.
Confidex Pino™ is inserted inside the wooden structure where it’s safe from mechanical impacts. The tag provides good RF performance through wooden material and satisfactory performance even in humid or wet wood.
Key Features:

  • EPC Class1 Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C) compliant passive tag
  • Optimised for wood embedded applications.
Item Description:
  • Dimensions: 75 x 14 x 0.3mm
  • Material: PET White
  • Attachment: mechanical : installation tool available
  • Delivery Format: Single (500pcs in box)
  • IC: Monza 4QT
  • Operating Frequency: Global 860-960MHz
  • Memory: 128b it EPC + 512bit
  • Read range: up to 8 m / 26 ft
  • Operating Temperature:  -35o to +60oC